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A saree is a quintessential garment for women. Six yards of elegance and comfort highlight any woman's sensuality. The charm and grace of this feminine garment suit all females - from young girls to the most elderly woman. Commonly worn by women in India and other Asian countries, the saree as ethnic wear has gained popularity worldwide.

Designers today have recreated the beauty and comfort of the saree to suit the new generation of women. Combined with several new techniques of weaving, textiles, and embroidery styles, one can find new and redesigned old varieties of sarees in the online market.

No other ethnic wear defines a woman's sensuality as good as a sari does. So the next time you wish to make a style statement with a saree, you just need to visit the YOYO Fashion website. You will get endless options of top and latest collection of saree.

We have collected superb trendy patterns and designs of Designer Saree from which you select your dream one by applying filters for color, patterns, necklines, etc., to get a more specific outfit for yourself. This is the place where you may get all of your dream clothing at affordable pricing if you're seeking for something stylish and fashionable For Fesstival Collection  Such As Navartri, janmastami,Rakshabandhan, Diwali , Ganesh Chaturthi . 

Origin of Sarees

A saree is one of the world's oldest outfits for women and maybe the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. Let us trace the origin of this beautiful garment.

The earliest evidence of the Indian saree can be traced back to thousands of years ago during ancient civilizations like Indus Valley Civilization. During that time, women used a cloth to drape around their bodies. That saree-like garment was different from what women wear today. The saree was also mentioned in sacred Hindu scriptures like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Gradually as other civilizations came to India, the wrapped cloth-like saree saw gradual development. The Greeks and Persians were major influencers who introduced the 'art of stitching' in India. So women during that period stitched the cloth to give them a proper fall and drape, similar to the saree we wear today.

Even the arrival of Mughals had a direct impact on the evolution of the Indian saree. Impressed by the rich and royal look of Mughal fabric, the silk weavers of India adapted many traditional embroidery styles, embellishments, and designs and used them on sarees. In fact, during that period, different methods of weaving, dyeing, and printing a saree were discovered. The post-Mughal era saw the trend of wearing a saree with a blouse and petticoat as is still worn today by women.

Thus, we can definitely say that the saree we see today is influenced by various civilizations and cultures.

Prints, Fabrics, and Patterns

Through the centuries, the saree has been considered the Indian woman's traditional heritage costume. It is a fine piece of ethnic clothing that is both classic and comfortable at the same time.

Earlier, the master weavers created sarees for the queens and princesses from fine muslin and silk fabrics. Such sarees could pass through a dainty jeweled ring of a woman. Cotton was one of the first natural fibers weaved into a saree. Cotton sarees are best to be worn in the summer season as they are light and airy. Sarees worn for auspicious and religious ceremonies are woven from special fabrics like brocade, silk, Kanchipuram, etc. Fabrics are dyed in several ways to create magical and shaded effects and specific patterns.

The unique prints of Bandhan and Leheriya sarees of Rajasthan and Gujarat are made with a tie-and-dye process. The rural artisans and weavers used shimmering, multi-faceted textiles to create beautiful sarees. Many of the designs and motifs seen on sarees are inspired by nature and religion. Sarees come in different patterns like - simple Buti (Dots), intricate floral patterns, checks, zari borders, and many more. A saree's print and pattern can change a woman's personality by the way it is worn or draped around the body. It can make a woman look classy, elegant, flirty, sensual, and modest all at the same time.

Latest Saree Trends 2022

Every day new styles and designs of sarees are being created and emerging on the fashion scene. Here's a list containing all the top and latest saree trends in India that will suit almost everyone who wears them.

Today, saree blouses are more than just a piece of coverage. Modern women prefer creative saree blouse designs which complement a plain saree perfectly. From different necks, printed patterns, and ruffled and fringed sleeves to a variety of embroidery designs, get a unique style saree look by pairing a plain saree with a designer blouse.  

  • Readymade Sarees

With hectic work schedules, new-age women and working girls like to wear ready-to-stitch sarees in comfortable fabrics. These pre-stitched readymade sarees are a boon to women as it helps them to get ready quickly without fussing much about draping the saree. Traditional yet contemporary, the pre-draped sari option is definitely worth checking out.

  • Indo-western Sarees

With changing fashion preferences, women are looking for a more fusion version of the conventional Indian saree. Today saree with pants, statement blouses, and sarees with a waist belt are quite a in vogue. Giving the traditional saree a chic modern look, Indo-western sarees are winning the hearts of all women.

Get ready to rock this wedding season in an exclusive designer wear dhoti style saree. This mesmerizing dhoti saree is versatile and flattering and gives you an elegant look. It is ready to wear saree and is quite comfortable to carry around. Available in several shades, patterns, and contrast blouses, don't miss out to buy a beautiful dhoti saree.

  • Lehenga Saree

The ready drape lehenga-styled sarees are the latest and most popular trend in the fashion world. The combination of a lehenga with a saree pallu is the ideal ethnic wear for any party or wedding function. The lehenga saree is not only easy to wear but also gives a different and stylish look to your attire.

These contemporary style sarees ought to be a part of your partywear wardrobe. Currently ruling the fashion world, indulge in lots of ruffles to glam up your party look. Frills or ruffles on the saree pallu, pleats, or the hemline, ruffle sarees are very appealing and can instantly add drama to your modern saree look.

For a sensuous and appealing look, women should go for satin sarees. The fabric is smooth and shiny, satin sarees highlight a women's curves and make her look sensual. Mostly these saris come in plain and subtle colors and are a hot favorite amongst women. 

What Saree Colors to Choose to Get the Best Look?

Colors and hues play a very significant role while deciding what to wear and when. There is a mentality of Indian people that you can wear a few colors at someplace while few do not, but this is not the case for today’s generation people.  As the perfectly chosen saree color can make or break your look, you should choose your color carefully. If you have no idea about which colors to choose to get the best look, then here is a guide:

  1. Black Sarees - Black color sarees can never be the wrong choice for any big event, as those days are no more when black is worn only in mourning. Choosing partywear black sarees for farewell or black designer sarees for a wedding can never be out of fashion. Black color in Net, Chiffon, or Lace material will be just perfect for any occasion.

  2. Red SareesOne of the favorite colors among Indian women for ethnic wear is red color, especially for Bridal wear. A plain red color saree or red silk saree with either a black or golden border will be the perfect outfit idea for a wedding. Complement your red saree look with a golden blouse and gold jewelry to have a glitzy look.

  3. White SareesAs White color represents the divine and purity, the same way white color saree will give you a simple and traditional look. Shop White Saree with Red Border to get the festive ready Durga Puja look. If you are going to attend any south Indian wedding, then opt for the most stunning look with a white cotton saree with a golden border. 

  4. Yellow Sarees - Yellow color represents new hope, a new feel, and new energy. If you love to flaunt in sarees, then you must-have plain or designer yellow color saree in your beautiful saree wardrobe. The collection of yellow sarees at YOYO Fashion covers all types of the latest saree designs in different fabrics like cotton, silk, net, and chiffon in many unique shades of yellow to pair with a contrasting blouse. 

  5. Blue Sarees - Mix the color of freedom and confidence with our traditional Indian clothing as the blue sarees. Choose the perfect party and wears blue color saree in either royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, or peacock blue shade as per the occasion demands. Get the stunning look for a wedding or festival by pairing a contrasting blouse with your blue designer saree

  6. Golden Sarees - The gold color sarees not only make you look graceful but also add shimmer to your party-ready look. The designer golden saree with black or red blouses is the perfect choice for any wedding function. These sarees look even better in silk, cotton, and handloom fabric. 

  7. Green Sarees - The green sarees collection at YOYO Fashion have all the hues of green from bottle green, dark green, light green, parrot green to peacock green to make your style quotient high. Dark green silk sarees with the pop color blouse will be the perfect choice for any wedding or engagement function. 

  8. Pink Sarees - There is no alternative to a pink color saree to look attractive. Either you choose light pink or baby pink sarees for the wedding, you will never go wrong with it. You can grab a pink floral printed saree to flaunt at any office party. 

How to wear a saree perfectly?

Saree not only makes a style statement but is also quite comfortable to wear with correct draping. If you practice the art of draping a saree, nothing can make you more elegant than a saree. Know your body type and drape the saree in a way that complements your figure as well as the fabric of the saree.

Drape your saree with swag with a few tips given below:

Step-1Before you start wearing a saree, gather all the things you will need- safety pins, accessories, petticoat, footwear, blouse, and the saree.

Step-2First wear your choli/blouse and petticoat. Maintaining the right length of saree, start tucking it into the petticoat.

Step-3Once you have twisted and tucked in the saree, make pleats and tuck them into the petticoat from the front.  Ensure the pleats are neat, even, and straight. You can pin those pleats together.

Step-4Now bring the pallu over your shoulder. You can either pleat the pallu, leave it open or drape it in front as per your liking.

Step-5If you are bored of carrying the pallu over your shoulder, then let it hang over your arm to give you a truly modern look.

Step-6Accessorize your favorite saree with a metallic or beaded belt for formal occasions. Choose a regular belt over a saree for casual occasions. 

Step-7Do the final touch-up with pretty makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle suiting your saree drape and style.

Choose the Latest Saree Blouse Designs to pair with it

Saree can look amazing with a designer blouse. A blouse in the latest design can change the entire appearance of the saree. Some of the latest saree blouse designs to check out are:

  1. Sequin Blouses - Go bold at a party with daringly cut sequin blouses in golden, silver, or black color with a matching plain saree.

  2. Cape style BlousesFlared sleeves with capes on the side or front of the blouse give a rocking twist to your conventional saree look. Wrap the saree pallu around the cape top or carry it in your hand for a stylish look.

  3. Halter Neck BlousesOne of the trendiest blouses, halter necks in backless design, with stylish prints and embellishments, look amazing with your saree.

  4. High Neck Blouses - For a more refined and elegant go for the high necked blouse with a printed or embroidered saree. There are many types of collar-like Chinese collar, peter pan collar, etc.

Get Party Ready with our Party Wear Sarees

Any Indian function or event requires special attire to flaunt. If there's an ethnic theme, then, party wear sarees are the best option. A weekend party is best enjoyed by looking gorgeous in a saree. Sarees draw out the best in each age of ladies from young girls to aged women. Partywear sarees online at YOYO Fashion come with various prints, designs, and colors. You can even choose designer sarees for parties with a lot of or minimal embellishments. Choose fabrics and materials for the saree based on your occasion and the time of the party. On the off chance that you are vigilant for extraordinary looking and lowest priced partywear sarees to glance at the wedding, then YOYO Fashion is the best online saree shopping site.

Show off your fashion sense at the party on a minimal budget, as we have the best collection of sarees under 1500 rupees. Pair your latest party wear saree with either a statement necklace or statement human. Choose from the latest collection of saree designs 2022 to grab the attention of the party crowd. Get your favorite celebrity look with our partywear saree online. Minimal jewelry and center-parted straight hair will perfectly go with our saree designs.  Styles and Choices of Sarees at YOYO Fashion will surely give you a standout look either at a Diwali Party or a Wedding Party. Don't forget to buy Partywear sarees from YOYO Fashion.

How to look slim and attractive in sarees?

Do you ever feel that you look fat and ugly whenever you wear a saree? Then, have a look at the best saree draping tips to look slim and attractive.

  1. It’s important to drape your saree pleats nicely and sleek so it accentuates your body perfectly.
  2. Avoid heavy and stiff fabrics and pick a light natural fabric that sticks to your body.
  3. The right shade of saree also plays an important role to make or break your look. To hide your problem area always choose dark colors of saree.
  4. Instead of choosing big eye-catching prints, pick small floral printed sarees which make you look slim and tall.
  5. Bright and broad borders make you look fat and short, so go for sarees with thin borders.
  6. Sarees with long or quarter sleeve blouses will help you to hide your big fat arms and give you an illusion of being slim. 
  7. One of the best draping style techniques is to tie your saree below the navel to have the perfect saree look.

So, before you shop sarees online, don't forget to check out these saree draping tips and tricks.


YOYO Fashion – Best Online Shopping Site for Sarees

The saree is such a versatile outfit that can be worn by girls, ladies, and women of any age. Just like shopping, saree shopping online are a women’s favorite thing to do. If you’re bored by looking at the same saree designs 2022 on other shopping sites, then give us a try to fill your urge of buying saree online. Detailed product information on each product page will help you to choose the best saree for you. With YOYO Fashion's Online Saree Shopping, get the facilities like Cash on Delivery, and FREE SHIPPING to your doorstep.


Saree Designs

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Designer Peach Chiffon Saree With Embroidery Border


Royal Blue Soft Lichi Silk Wedding Wear Saree

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Fancy Pink Vichitra Silk Lace Work Saree

Bridal Wear Red Rangoli Silk Multi Work Saree Rs.1799


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